We can now offer the possibility to print tailor-made packaging. We have many different styles and the packaging is designed according to your needs. We can produce everything from product packaging and gift boxes to small, exclusive boxes with a lid and base.

N.B: Since prices vary subject to quantity, quality and the number of printed colours, we kindly ask you to contact us for pricing data. Please use our Inquiry Sheet under each respective product.

Packaging (7 products )

Bag & Box

With a simple closure your paper bag becomes an exclusive gift package! A smart solution that works effective in the shop. The Bag & Box can be varied with different handles, materials and finishes.

Boxes with magnetic seals

Exclusive boxes delivered flat in one piece that can be folded in one simple operation. Printing can be added both inside and outside. Available in several different models and with extra accessories.

Corrugated Packaging

Practical and effective packaging that protects during transportation while also exposing your brand all the way to the customer. The low weight and the shock-absorbing properties of the corrugated cardboard make it a popular choice for e-commerce. We’ll help you to find the right print and type of board to meet your needs!

Gift bags

Package your gifts in a stylish gift bag. The gift bags are made of cardboard and come with or without a handle. Available in several different models and with extra accessories.

Gift boxes

Gift boxes that are delivered flat. Can be simply folded into an attractive gift package. Available in several different models and can be printed on both the inside and outside.

Lid and base

Boxes with lid and base. The boxes consist of a stable core that is then covered with the desired material. The boxes are tailor-made for your particular needs with the help of specially adapted designs, printing on the inside, embossing, foiling, covered on the inside, or with a velvet cushion. Available in several different models and with extra accessories.

Product packaging

Tailor-made packaging in cardboard that is delivered flat or fully assembled. Available in several different models, with or without inserts. Can be printed on both the inside and outside.

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