Tips and advices about tape

When good advice is expensive - Tips and advice about packaging tape

We are happy to offer more than just a little advice about how to handle your packaging tape in the best way. Tape that creases, comes off, and comes loose from the cartons are problems that can easily be corrected. Feel free to ask questions to our knowledgeable salespeople!

Below you will find various types of advice about tape or problems that can arise and solutions for these so that you can get the best utilisation possible from your tape!

Select the right tape

Our packaging tape is primarily used for packages and therefore has a strong adhesive substance adapted to cartons and other packaging materials. If you tape on other surfaces there is a risk that glue residue will be left. Therefore, it is important that you state what you will use the tape for when you order from us. We have several different glue qualities to choose from - Ask your salesperson what quality is best adapted for your particular tape!

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Store the tape correctly

In order for the tape to last as long as possible it should be stored in its carton, at room temperature. In that way it will be protected from dust and other dirt that can shorten the life of the tape.

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The tape does not hold

The tape stretches out upon application

Our best-selling packaging tape is made from polypropylene (PP). PP is an elastic material, which requires that the tape "is painted" on the package. If you pull it out, the tape's fibres are stretched resulting in that the tape will then shrink, which increases the risk that it will not hold later on.

Let the tape be rolled onto the package and it will stay there! Our tape dispenser, which is adapted specifically for PP tape, makes the application of the tape go more smoothly.


Tape Tips & Advice: Application

Work closely to the appliocation surface. Let the tape extend over the surface.

The tape has been applied to cartons made of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard

Cartons made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard have a "woolly" outer surface. This means that it requires a tape with a strong adhesive. Use a tape with adhesive substances in it Hot-melt!


The tape has been applied in cold temperatures

A PP tape with acrylic-based adhesive substances functions extremely well at low temperatures - but in order for the glue to stick properly the tape should be applied at room temperature. The tape needs to "mature" on the package - preferably for 24 hours - in order to stick properly. After that it is ready for transport or storage at low temperatures. During the winter, it is recommended that the tape be kept at room temperature at least 48 hours before application. If you want to apply in colder temperatures than room temperature, a tape with the adhesive substance, Hot-melt is recommended.


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The tape comes off

The tape has been damaged

If the tape falls on the floor, it can happen that there will be a smaller gash from small gravel or similar, which can cause a break in the tape that makes it easier for it to fall off. This problem can also arise if you have been careless with the knife when opening the tape carton. If you have a problem with tape that comes off easily, it can be a good idea to check if there are any gashes in the tape. If there is a gash - roll off a couple of rounds and the tape will be intact again!


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The tape "splits"

The knife blade need to be cleaned or replaced

Do you have a problem with the tape splitting, that you do not get a clean and straight cut? This can be because the tape knife on your tape dispenser has glue residue on it, or that it is worn-out and needs to be replaced. We have knife blades for your tape dispenser - contact your salesperson!


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The tape "screams"

Adapt the tape dispenser to your tape

PP tapes are pretty thin and have a tendency to be rather loud when being applied. A "screaming" tape can simply be silenced by using the right type of tape dispenser. We have tape dispensers that are specifically adapted for PP tapes. They have an extra spool that the tape is thread around, which functions as a brake and silences the tape and provides good resistance if you have a tape that unrolls too easily.


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The tape rolls off too easily

Use our tape dispenser with a brake

Do you have a tape that seems to roll off too easily? Test our tape dispenser that has a "brake" (an extra rubber-coated spool) that the tape is thread around. This provides good resistance that simplifies application.


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The tape is hard to unroll

Thread the tape past the brake

If you are using our tape dispenser and think that the tape is too hard to unroll - Thread the tape past the brake (the rubber-coated spool) instead! Then the tape will pass through the dispenser more easily.


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The tape has air bubbles

The tape is fresh

When tape is new, in certain cases you can see air bubbles in the tape. This is because the tape is new - the air bubbles will disappear in time.


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Different problems and actions during mechanical application

Mechanical application of packaging tape can be done simply and flexibly, but different types of tapes react differently and sometimes you get a result that you do not want. Below are several common problems and their simple solutions.




 Tape Tips & Advice: Uneven Cut 

 Clean the knife blade or replace it.

 Tape Tips & Advice:Tape Creases 

Tape head at the top:
Align the top unit's assembly height
(approximately 3 mm from the box).

Tape head at the top and bottom:
Fix the tape heads.

 Tape Tips & Advice: Tape Creases 


Check that all rolls are turning freely.

Check that the spool holder's resistance is not too tight.


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