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We now offer high-quality, usable packaging solutions for all kinds of shipments, largegreat or small. Choose from discreetly designed bubble-bags of discrete design, environmentally-friendly padded bags of recycled paper or smart envelopes for packing listsbills of delivery!

Profile your packaging!

Most of the products can be printed with everything from a monochrome print to more advanced designs. It is also possible to make special limited editions, customised forto your needs - tailored after size, design and material. We always have packaging products in stock, which means we can deliver fast!  

N.B: Since prices vary subject to quantity, quality and the number of printed colours, we kindly ask you to contact us for pricing data. Please use our Inquiry Sheet under each respective product. 

E-commerce (8 products )

Bubble bag

Versatile, bubble-padded bags which protects your goods from hard and sharp edges.

Corrugated Packaging

Practical and effective packaging that protects during transportation while also exposing your brand all the way to the customer. The low weight and the shock-absorbing properties of the corrugated cardboard make it a popular choice for e-commerce. We’ll help you to find the right print and type of board to meet your needs!

Mail order bag

Custom printed mail order bag

Mail order bag - double sealing

Fast and easy gift bag with double self-adhesive flap, that can be used for returns.

Mail order bag - security

Extra durable mailorder bag consisting of several layers of plastic. Thanks to the tough, non-tranparent plastic no unauthorised person can access the contents without it showing. Can be used as a safety bag or for returns.

Padded bag

Robust and versatile padded bags with shock-absorbing stuffing of recycled paper. As gentle on the environment as on its contents.

Plastic envelope

Envelopes for bills of delivery, invoices, documents of guarantee and other special offers. Non-reflective plastics enables barcode reading.

Security bag

Bags in strong polyethylene with a permanent peel & seal. Thanks to the tough, non-tranparent plastic no unauthorised person can access the contents without it showing.

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