Packaging tape

The best tape on the market? 

We are not affraid to say that our packaging tape is much more than just ordinary tape. We can print your logotype in up to 10 colours with extremely high precision. By printing on the underside, the print is protected against abrasion throughout the entire distribution chain. Because we use new technology, we can also offer photo prints on our tapes.

For those keen to choose environmentally-friendly products, we are the safest choice - our tapes are made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene and are completely free of solvents.

N.B: Since prices vary subject to quantity, quality and the number of printed colours, we kindly ask
you to contact us for pricing data. Please use our Inquiry Sheet under each respective product.

Packaging Tape:

Custom Printed 


Packaging Tape: Neutral


Special tapes


"Aktas/Fragile" Tape

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Hand dispenser


Hand dispenserRead More 

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