Avisera plants a tree for every order of Airtape™ and for every FSC® certified product.

The tree-planting project is certified through Plan Vivo, which works with long-term support for enabling vulnerable societies to be able to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way. The trees are planted in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, through the project, Limay Community Carbon.

Trädplantering i Nicaragua

The project provides small farmers with new economic opportunities, diversification of income, and more resistant agriculture. In addition, replanting of forests and forestry contribute to greater biological diversity and maintaining ecosystem services such as regulating water flows and reduced erosion. As a thank you for their commitment to the environment, those companies that plant a tree receive, through their selection of Avisera's products, a personal certificate that a tree was planted in the company's name.  
 Trädplantering i Nicaragua

The next generation of green tape!

With a thickness of only 19 my compared to today’s standard tapes of 28 my, the advantages are many. Less carbon dioxide emissions and less consumption of raw materials during production, lower transport costs and more tape on each roll are just some of the benefits with AirTape™. The tape is 100% recyclable and solvent free.

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FSC(Forest Stewardship Council®)

Avisera's FSC certification guarantees that the carrier bags and packaging solutions are produced in accordance with the market's most far-reaching social and environmental requirements for the forestry industry throughout the entire chain..

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) works towards environmentally-adapted, socially beneficial and economically sustainable forestry throughout the world. A commitment to FSC involves a contribution to the development of responsible forestry throughout the world and support for the preservation of nature and valuable forests. At the same time, this promotes respect for labour rights and the rights of native peoples. Certification involves that the raw wood materials that are used, and those products that later reach the market, are produced in accordance with the market's most far-reaching social and environmental requirements for the forestry industry.

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Read more about Aviseras tree planting on the FSC-website (in swedish)

Look for Avisera's FSC certified products (License code: FSC-C110916)The tree-planting project is an initiative by Avisera. FSC take no responsible or support for The tree-planting project.

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FSC certified

Tree planting

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